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Adventures Of Iric

Thank you, Victorique, for the great review. I am surprised I got off so well. For those who don’t know, she is usually very hard on books! A 4 of 5 is a great score from her. 😀

Victorique and her thoughts

I really like this anthology. It doesn’t need you to constantly change characters, but each chapter is indeed a story. Resembles a serial in its own way but very much is still made up of pieces that all together work.

Each one telling a little more about Iric as he begins to experience life. From Runa, Volt and all the characters he meets. I like that each story does reveal more about them, all the while making Iric relatable and sympathetic.

It isn’t like most stories, although at times it didn’t keep my attention. But nonetheless, many of them had me constantly reading the dialogue the action and the description. All of it may be simple but I found it very very fitting.

Overall, I think that this anthology was handled well. It is like a story that is told in each chapter, but around the same characters and the…

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