Character Profile: The Baron

Role: Antagonist

Story Series: The Valley of Magic

The Baron started as a simple antagonistic plot tool, something for one of my protagonists to work against. However as I continued my book, this character’s scope and role expanded greatly. The evolution of The Baron as a character also helped my to further develop many key points of plot and setting. By trying to understand who The Baron was as a character, I was forced to think about the world in which he lived.

The Baron is the leader of one of the gangs that make up the Shadow Guild in Marudal, the City of Magic. The name “Shadow Guild” is a moniker that denotes a loose alliance of organized criminal gangs, rather than any unified group. The leaders of the gangs are essentially urban warlords who are constantly fighting with each other over territory and influence, mostly in the Lows district of the city. Currently, The Baron is one of the most powerful of the Shadow Guild leaders and has plans to raise himself to the very top.

The Baron himself is a very large man who smokes too much, with scars across his whole body from all the fighting he did to raise himself up to the mantle of leadership. His is a true roguish success story, raising himself up from orphan-hood to being able to back-stab his boss and take over the business. He is not unlike the Penguin in the new Gotham series, but with muscles. He presents a very real threat, not only in person, but in very reputation.

But if you want to know more about The Baron’s grand scheme, you will have to read my book once it’s finished.


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