The Journey Begins…


38931463 - open door to another reality, abstract ethereal backgrounds
The door is open, beckoning you to enter…

Something I have learned during my many years as a writer is that the very act of writing inherently pushes you forward on the path of the story you are creating. New ideas spring forth, concepts are changed, characters grow and evolve. It is much like taking a personal journey; what you expect with the first step is not what have at the last.

I am starting this blog, in part, as a tool to shape my own journey, to help sculpt my stories. I hope it can be platform for discussions on writing-techniques, tips and preferences-and a place to build my worlds, to reveal my characters and their adventures.

My emphasis is, and always has been, fantasy. I simply love hero stories, the now cliche tales of farm boys who become kings, bearing their magic swords and riding dragons into battle. There is some sort for ancient appeal to such stories, which is why they have stayed with us since before Hercules defeated the hydra. It resonates with us, it helps us dream of worlds beyond our own tedious office-dominated lives.

Of course, I love other genres as well. I sometimes find myself on the edge of science fiction, but like Star Wars, it ends up being futuristic fantasy rather than true Sci-Fi. I prefer to focus on characters, due in large part to my training as a short story writer, than on concepts. That’s the difference between fantasy and Sci-Fi. Star Wars isn’t S.F., there is no science in it. Star Wars is a saga of heroes, of grand characters defeating great evil. Those are the stories that appeal to me the most, and those are kind of tales I write.

So here’s to open doors and new adventures! Let us sally forth into the unknown!


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