Location: Marudal, the City of Magic

Marudal is one of three city-states located on the continent of Essarsea. The continent gets it name from the Essars, the first and only group to conquer the whole region. Rising up from the southeast coast, the Essars pushed the last resisting tribes, the shamanistic Nitens, into the mountains and slaughtering them. Eventually the empire of the Essars crumbled from within, leaving three areas of strength from which the current city-states emerged.

Marudal is located to the northwest, on the east side of the Green Mountains and just west of the Blaekgast River which runs south from the mountains. The city also happens to be centered in the most powerful magical field known in the world, known as the Valley of Magic. These geographical features have shaped the city’s growth and identity. The Green Mountains are so named for their abundant copper stores, which have become Marudal’s primary export. Likewise, having access to powerful magic that its rivals do not has allowed the city to rise in relative peace.

The city is relatively round in shape, a large stone wall wrapping around the major districts and a canal cutting through the center. The major districts of the city are High Town to the northeast, where the nobles live and the Arcane Conservatory is located, the Lows to the southwest, the Garrison on the southeast, and the Merchant Quarter to the northwest.

The city is ruled by the wizards of the city’s Arcane Conservatory, having given up kingship several hundred years ago. The ultimate leadership is a triumvirate of wizards selected by the wizards council.  The Academy at the Conservatory is also a place of prestige within the city.

Relying on their monopoly of magic, the leaders of Marudal have been able to keep their city safe from the war and rivalry which constantly threatens its neighbors. However times are changing, a powerful empire is rising in the west and the city’s safety is no longer assured.

If you want to read more about the fate of Marudal, the City of Magic, you will have to read my book when it is finished.


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