Character Profile: Frithugeorn Finhope

Role: Supporting, Referenced

Series: The Valley of Magic

I needed a way to deliver a lot of background and world history without clogging up the book with too much bland exposition. Someone suggested to me the idea of a discovered diary being read by one of the characters. At first I was resistant to the idea, it being rather cliche in my mind. But I figured I’d give it a shot and see where I could take it. I tried to avoid the cliche by having the diary function neither as a key plot device, nor as neutral filler. I wanted it to be an important piece of the puzzle, but not something that was continuously referenced throughout the book. Functionally, it did seem to work well for the purpose of conveying exposition without being dry. In other parts of the book I have try to deliver exposition in dialogue or in other more interesting methods.

Frithugeorn Finhope is the author of the diary describe above. He was a wizard apprentice, which means he graduated from the academy but had not achieved the rank of master. Frithugeorn was a quiet and solitary man, preferring research and study to socializing or working with his peers. He began his formal career researching the general history of Marudal, but shifted to natural studies and become more focused on specific topics, such as ravens. Then he mysteriously  disappeared. That was some fifteen years ago. This was not taken with much surprise by the other wizards; many had run off before, and the man was well-known to be a loner. But perhaps his disappearance is more important than it first seemed. The discovery of the missing wizard’s diary, buried at the edge of a farm, has provided more questions than answers.

I find Frithugeorn an appealing character because I see a lot of myself in him. I, too, am quiet and can be quite solitary at times. I also view the world through lenses tinted in shades of wonder and amazement. I can see myself visiting this character again in the future, maybe as the lead in an independent short story! Frithugeorn and his birds… an interesting concept.

If you’d like to read more about Frithugeorn and the circumstances surrounding the discovery of his diary, you will have to pick up my book when it’s released.


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