Religion (Part 2: Fundamentalism and Intolerance)

An interesting discussion of religion in fiction. This is one issue I am working through with my current work. So far I have avoided religion in my story almost entirely, but I wonder if that is an equivalent mistake to overemphasizing it. It is certainly something I will have to consider when I get to revision. This post does help me think about the issue.

Fantasy World Forge

One of the topics I covered in Part One of this series on religion concerned writers/world-builders’ preconceptions about religion and religious people. In this part I want to talk specifically about religious intolerance, particularly in regards to how ‘we’ as modern writers perceive religious attitudes towards other cultures/traditions. This article will attempt to answer the following questions: Are religious traditions intolerant? and, Where does that belief come from? The reason I believe this is important is to hopefully help you to avoid stereotypes and prejudice. It is also my hope to equip with the knowledge to begin to explore those preconceptions about religion more consciously.


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