Antagonism: argument/disagreement

Another very useful discussion. I think its easy for us to get sucked into writing dialogue where two characters argue around a central point, rather than from their respective points of view. This happens because we authors know the central point, and perhaps want to convey this point. But we should be more indirect with the delivery, perhaps. Something I will think about as I review the recently completed raw draft of my book. I think there are a couple of dialogue arguments in there that might require tweaking.

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I’ve written previously on ways to develop antagonists. In this article I am going to talk about one way to create antagonism in your stories. This article is inspired by a brief argument I had on social media earlier today  which didn’t really go anywhere (neither party seemed to gain anything from the discussion) . Naturally, being human, I dwelt on that argument until I came to realise that the argument had little to do with a real difference in opinion but instead that we were in effect arguing about completely different things.

(I’m sharing the gist of the argument for sake of example, but please realise it is an example and not intended to spur further discussion on that particular project.)

The argument was about finding solutions to climate change. The other person argued that we need more nuclear power to replace coal, while I argued that we don’t so…

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