Story Prompt: Werewolves and Murder

Let’s get creative. Here’s an idea. I will give you the starting point for a short story and you tell me where you’d go with it. I will start by providing my idea.

Prompt: A man wakes up naked. He comes to realize that he is a werewolf and during the previous night he murdered several innocent people…

My Idea: In my story, the man is an active duty Army sergeant. He is a southern country boy with a rigid sense of morality and honor.  And he is unable to live with what he has done. After being arrested by military police, he plans to offer a guilty plea in exchange for being guaranteed the death penalty. He doesn’t want to live knowing he could kill innocents again, but he cannot fathom suicide either. Unfortunately, military rules of justice forbid a guilty plea in capital cases, and the military prosecutor does want a capital case. The story thus ends up being a Law and Order style courtroom drama, as the judge and jury have to decide whether they can condemn a man who clearly demonstrates remorse but still poses a real and horrific danger.

Now it’s your turn. Post your idea in the comments below.

(NOTE: For those concerned, of course you will retain all rights to your creative ideas, as will I. This is not a fishing expedition, simply a creative exercise. Don’t let concerns of copyright prevent you from sharing.)


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