Guest Writers Welcome

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I am an inherently grateful person. I realize how much other people, how much the world gives me, and I always try to do what little I can to give back. Sometimes that takes the form of re-blogging or sharing posts that inspire me or make me think. Ideas do not develop in a vacuum; nothing develops in a vacuum. Nothing exists in a vacuum—that’s sort of the definition.

I understand the blogosphere can be competitive. I know there are those who believe, or even preach, the doctrine of finite views. They say you must grab your readers by the neck and never let anyone take them from you. It’s a sort of cutthroat market view of creative production that I cannot adhere to.

I don’t blog for a living, so maybe it’s easy for me to say such things. My living will hopefully grow out of my formal writing, but that’s still a work in progress. This blog for me is, and always has been, a place for inspiration, for cooperation, and for development. I want it to be a place for the discussion of, and consumption of, fantastic writing.

I see this blog as my gym, where I work and tone the muscles of creativity. Anyone is welcome in my gym—just put the weights back where you found them.

Along those lines I would like to reach out to the airwaves and welcome you to join in the exercise. If you would like to have a piece of your own writing posted here, just send it over.

Here are the details for guest writing pieces:

1000 words or less, less being better.

It should either be fiction or about the craft of fiction writing.

Following the tagline of this blog, it should be Fantastic. You can determine what that means to you.

Any guest stories I receive will be placed in a yet to be created “Guest Writers” category, which will appear on the right-hand menu. And I will provide a link to your blog or site, if you would like. I will also provide editorial feedback on the piece in private ( I was an English major, so I know a thing or two about editing and peer-reviewing). That’s the least bit I can do in compensation.

Now the legal-fu. I do not claim nor accept any rights to any work posted here that is marked as guest writing. It is your choice to have something posted, and also to have it taken down. I also do not pay. I would if I could, but you know how it is. Keep in mind, though, that most formal publishers consider anything posted on the internet anywhere as published for the sake of first rights. Don’t offer anything you plan to publish elsewhere.

If you’d like to have a story or post added to this blog as a guest writer, send it to me in the body of an email (no attachments) with the subject line “Guest Writing,” along with any extra formatting details to:

Or you can message me with the details on Facebook at: J.M. Williams


3 thoughts on “Guest Writers Welcome

  1. I’m happy for you to re-blog any story over at my blog 🙂 – Pick a genre (listed on the right) and enjoy what you enjoy,.. and re-post it here.

    Two requests: credit me and link back, and suggest your own word. A third idea: use the same one word title as inspiration and write your own take,…. would love to see what other people see in the word 🙂



    1. Thank you for the offer. Re-blogging and guest posting is not exactly the same thing. I’ve been re-blogging stuff I like already. Guest posting is access to exclusive works, rather than republishing something already out there. Though, I will take a look at your stuff. As I understand it, re-blogging should automatically credit and link back to the original.

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