Top 4 at OneFrameStories!

One of my nano stories was just chosen as one of the top 4 at

Click on the link and you can find my handsome mug on the far right of the top four for frame 109 with the story entitled “Lost Souls.”

One Frame Stories is a pretty cool setup. They provide a photo, and writers craft a 99 word nano story that describes the scene. They claim to post all stories that follow the guidelines, but they choose four to place right on the front page (that’s me!). Based on their submission statistics, they get around 30 pieces per frame, which is not too bad, but not hyper-competitive either.

I have to admit I didn’t expect to be chosen for the top 4. For one, I am still getting used to flash writing, let alone nano stories. Second and more significantly, mine was a crazy S.F. piece that I assumed the literati were going to just laugh at and trash. I guess you never know, right?

Due to the rights agreement that is part of submission to OneFrameStories, I cannot share the text here. For that you will have to visit the site and check it out. While you are at it, why not try to submit a story of your own? Frame 110 is up and the deadline is November 24th.

Come check out my story “Lost Souls” at:


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