When Evil Characters Switch Sides

Like Nicola Alter, I too like the idea of bad characters turning good. We already have a lot of stories of a hero’s fall. Star Wars is a key example. Many Star Wars stories tell about a good jedi falling to the dark-side. What about a jedi being brought back into the light? This is a concept I am toying with in a story I am working on now.

Thoughts on Fantasy

I haven’t been blogging for a few weeks – I put everything on hold because I was visiting family and wanted to make the most of that time, since I don’t get to see them often (they are on the other side of the world!). But now I’m home I thought I’d get back into things with a short post on something I love in fantasy: evil characters turning good.

Sure, I like a plain old dastardly villain I can hate, but a seemingly evil character who gradually discovers their soft, gooey core, and crosses over to join the good guys? No matter how many times I see it, if it’s done well it still gives me the warm and fuzzies.

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