More on First-Person Narrators

Bards and Sages: First-Person Narrative Pitfalls

Here is another interesting discussion on the problems with first-person narrators. However, I personally disagree with the last point. There is no necessity that the first-person narrator must have a logical means to deliver the story to the reader. That is wholly unnecessary meta-thinking. The story is not connected to our world, it is a world of its own. Within that world, it can do whatever it wants. The narrator does not have to be a real person, it can simply be a voice telling us the story. There is nothing wrong with a first-person narrator dying at the end without explanation of how the story is getting out; it’s a fictional story, not a historical journal. Those who take issue with this I think have a flawed relationship with the concept of fiction. But that’s just me, and I know I am a minority voice.


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