The Goldfish Express

What did I just read? I love the use of repetition to portray how clueless and stupid a goldfish can be. I wonder if they can really be that dumb. In all, a great little piece. Really strong technical merits here, in addition to a unique and humorous theme.

Flash 365

The morning’s mad dash to the subway is the world’s great equalizer. The strong get over-run by the weak. The weak get eaten by the old. The old get trampled by the young. Dust and tears survive.

Perhaps one’s humanity cannot survive that much nearer to hell.

It is the only place on earth where falling on your face is an affront to those around you. It is where hatred is born, bred and then released upon the surface. Days are ruined. Loves, lost. The seeds of heat attacks, sown. And the most torrid love affair cannot match the fervor and passion with which an elderly man embraces me as the doors slide shut on the tail of his coat.

So, you can imagine my surprise this morning.

I walk past a big fat dirty bird playing bongos in the underpass. I use my babushka token and take the empty…

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