DSF – Scuba Girl

Here is another story from Daily Science Fiction. I didn’t know what to make of it at first (still not sure if I do), but it got me in the end. Takes a while for the speculative elements to reveal themselves. I do like the build up and suspense the author achieves. But I’m not sure how I like the passive characterization–the narrator doesn’t really have much depth, he/she is just a lens for the audience, which is usually a bad thing. Kudos for being quirky though.

Scuba Girl (by Allison Marbry)

Four days before it happened, she came into class wearing one of those fish-bowl helmets they had on diver suits. The glass globe crushed her shoulders, and if she craned her head too far in any direction, there would have been a wobble, then a fall, a shatter. Her teachers knelt down to her level, asked her questions in a soft, reproachful voice. She wouldn’t talk about it… Read the rest of the story here.

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