Our Princess Has Returned to the Force


I generally avoid commenting on political or popular events, but today I cannot ignore the soul-crushing news.

Star Wars was one of the most important parts of my childhood. It thrilled me, entertained me, but even more importantly it helped forge my morality and imagination. Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker were my mentors; Han Solo was more popular, but I was always drawn to more straight forward righteousness. Star Wars showed that the potential of stories was endless; it made me want to be a storyteller myself.

Carrie Fisher died today. Being a person who swims the waves and riptides of science fiction and fantasy, this death has hit me harder than any other this year. It has actually brought me to tears. I’m not sure how to deal with losing such a key part of my world.

Carrie Fisher and the iconic character she played were both strong women who struggled against the worst life could send against them–and triumphed. They are inspirational in their perseverance, their light. It would only be right to continue telling stories, to continue to let their powerful influence be felt in my work and the work of others, to encourage my peers to live up to their example.

Leia’s DNA weaves through many of my characters, and will continue to do so. I guess that’s how I can deal with this misery.

The Resistance continues without you General!


5 thoughts on “Our Princess Has Returned to the Force

    1. Yes, I know of that. I also know organized Jediism has little connection to its namesake. As I understand it, Jediism is basically a re-skin of Abraham-rooted mono-theism. The jedi were originally crafted by George Lucas in the tradition of Eastern religion–Buddhism, Taoism, etc–Zen in particular, which is distinctly anti-theistic. Only recently, especially with the Force Awakens, has the force been described as specifically sentient. It still is not a deity though. All of which is why I call myself a Buddhist rather than a Jedi.

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      1. No offense meant! Perhaps my tone was a bit too rough? It was a gracious offering, thanks! I could never wrap my head around jediism, though whatever they are preaching does appeal to a lot of folks. I had a sergeant who had Jedi on his dog tags, ha! Thanks for your comments and sharing in this grief!


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