An Oracle’s Awakening

This is very interesting, very abstract. I usually don’t care for abstract, but there’s something here I liked. I probably read through it too fast to appreciate or comprehend fully, so I’m just going to save it here for later.

All Stairs Lead Skyward


An Oracle’s Awakening

by K.A.Harding, art by Anoki

The universe was a haiku of dreams. They circled and spun. They wove through the deep places. Vorell saw them all. The dreams of the maid and the magpie, the jittering clock and the rusted hinges on doors, doublets, dogs, dreary days of rain and drowning – they wafted like smell, but they stung.

And those were the good dreams.

Vorell sifted through them, kept it all behind his eyes. Little treasures. Miniscule songs and flowers whistled in brightness and color. Faces and petals all looked the same in the ether where the past, present, and future knotted. The life of the fly could be as long as an oak’s if you rewound it again, and again, and again. First kisses could become lasts. Deaths and births pranced over and under one another like the feet of dancer thralled to a reel…

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