No specific comments on this one, except perhaps for a minor gripe about the hearing aid/contact lenses. I don’t think those bits were necessary. An author is under no obligation to explain how the magic works, that’s why it’s magic.  Just look at what happened when Lucas tried to pseudo-science up the force. Midichlorians? Not in my galaxy buddy! Those explanatory bits here seem more of a distraction, not related to these two characters understanding each other.All and all a nice little story with characters almost fully developed through dialogue, which is great.

R. Morgan Stories

“Why do you keep following me?” Daisy asks. I jolt back. I don’t say a word. What can I say? It’s not like the living talk to the dead every day of the year. I look straight into his eyes without moving. “Hello?” Daisy waves her hands “Did you hear me? Why do you keep following me?” Again, no words form in my mouth. Would she even be able to hear me? No one else can. “What? Cat got your tongue?”

“No.” I reply. Something doesn’t feel quite right, but I’m not sure what the feeling is. It’s hard to tell your emotions apart when your heart isn’t beating. “Alligator, actually.” I correct, “Went fishing, that thing grabbed my leg and dragged to the bottom of the lake. Drowned, then got eaten.”

She smiles, “Sounds pretty gruesome. That’s cool.”

I raise an eyebrow, “I’m not sure you get it. I’m…

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