The Amber of the Moment

A nice little piece with a sprinkling of fantasy. I like how it is powered by dialogue throughout.

Flash 365

A dream sits heavy in my head. I’ve had two cigarettes without getting up to pee. I really have to pee. It’s one of those mornings.

My third alarm goes off.

“Oh, die. Just die,” I tell the alarm. It only sings. I tap the snooze.

“Why can’t time just stop for, like, just a few hours? Only a few. I’d give anything,” I moan, closing my eyes against the morning.

“I bet if you add up all the minutes you’ve spent bitching in your life it’d add up to at least a couple hours,” a light voice muses. I open my eyes.

A girl sits at the end of my bed. She is pale and hairless. Wings of countless clock hands lay across her back. They touch my toes. It tickles. I jerk my feet up and sit, staring.

“Who the hell are you?”

She turns. Her eyes are…

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