One for Tallulah – LostPropertyRepository

Here is a fun little story with a nice twist. It starts out a bit slow, but bear with it, you will find it to be worth it. Not so much a fantasy piece, but a slight magical usurpation of the normal, which is sometimes just enough.

One for Tallulah

Tallulah followed her classmates as they were led around the open plains Zoo. It was hard to stay interested in everything the teachers were making them look at, not because she didn’t like animals, she did, she was a regular visitor to the zoo, her family had a yearly pass that gave her access whenever she wanted to so she’d seen a lot more in that zoo than the school had time to show. The main reason she was having trouble staying interested was because she’d chosen to do her assignment on lions and it felt like they been walking for hours and they hadn’t yet made the lion’s den, but they’d be there soon…



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