Deep Water – 3LineTales

Photo by Sean Tan

They put out the sign warning about depth because they think no one would believe it if it read “Beware of Monster.” People would laugh, dipping their toes into the water, taunting the beast to come out—laughing until an icy hand dragged them under. I know it is true, I saw it, I watched its grimy green claws take my brother away, down into the muddy depths—you have been warned.

*Written as a response to Three Line Tales’ Week Fifty-One prompt.


14 thoughts on “Deep Water – 3LineTales

    1. Oh my god. I wasn’t even thinking about crocs. I didn’t even have to make mine a fantasy monster did I? There are deadly enough things in real life. I come from up north, so no crocodiles, but I remember walking out on a dock once when I was a child and seeing a spider the size of a man’s open hand jump into the water. Needless to say, no swimming that day.

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  1. Lynn Love

    Great take on the prompt, that way people have used a credible lie to save people from an incredible truth. Many dark, dark tales this week – including mine. Must be that flat, grey water

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