Here is a fun little piece that is just speculative enough. It’s a little rough in spots, but the childish spirit of the characters pushes you through to the end. I wonder if more care should be taken with what Lincoln says though, for some reason he sounds a bit like a red-scare communist here to me. Which begs an interesting question, what would determine what Lincoln sounded like, his real-life inspiration or the people who built him?


“What’ve you got there, Danny?”

Rob reached for the light switch, and Danny grabbed his hand.  The other boy pulled away and looked at his friend.  Danny smiled, the look crooked on his face like a skewed picture.

“This is something special.”

Rob frowned, squinting in suspicion.  “Special like what?  A raptor?  A mummy?”

Danny grinned at that and led him deeper into the dim room.  “Not a mummy.”

Rob frowned.  “So why can’t I turn on the light?”

“I don’t want anyone to see it by accident.”  Danny turned and led Rob deeper into the room.

The window had been covered over with a blanket, leaving the few pieces of furniture little more than lumpy shadows in the dark.  Another shadow, taller than the others, sat on what Rob assumed was the couch.  There was a slight ticking and humming coming from it.  Danny wandered over to a side…

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