One Last Kiss – 3LineTales

Photo by Ales Krivec


The sun had arrived to shatter their peace; she felt its power firming his thick skin. He leaned  his large body down to give Cyndil one last, lingering kiss, before rising to his regular pose. When the nosy neighbor came upon Cyndil later that morning, she was still leaning against the stone statue that stood in the center of her field like a scarecrow.

*Written as a response to the Three Line Tales week 52 prompt.


11 thoughts on “One Last Kiss – 3LineTales

      1. Well done. I have a whole blog about fantasy stories set in one particular world, so I’m pretty much locked in. Sometimes I feel like sneaking off to some other realm and writing sci-fi, though (don’t tell my world, I don’t want it to get jealous).

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      2. I lot of my stories end up in the world of the book I am currently writing, an exercise in expanding the lore if you will. That’s the “Valley of Magic” setting, and one of my menu tabs. Another world I have been doing a lot of work in, specifically short stories but maybe a book too in the future, is the world of Storm Hamilton. So I can understand your meaning, though I purposefully refuse to lock myself in. I just wrote a new short story this week with a whole new character that’s probably going to come back to me some time again soon. I do prefer fantasy over sci-fi, since its focused on character and setting more than plot or concept, but I can go either way.

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  1. do they change shapes at night then or become weightless like air? how she must pine for him in the day – sunlight storms in and we can’t stop it. Love the imagery you have conjured up and the two beings with the briefest of time to be together. i wrote a similar flash last year on such a stone statue , that one was by the sea, immortalised in an awkward pose. they are mythical structures that a shift in time brings to life.

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