SHARE: FFM – In Times of War, Mind the Dandelions and the Moon

So this isn’t technically a SF/Fantasy piece, but close enough. And plus, it’s funny. I love the way Susan Shiney uses language to simulate the  character’s altered mental state. It is very confusing, and it should be. However, I’m not sure what the story is supposed to be about. It seems to just be a description of events. The character doesn’t seem to change by the end of the story, she just goes along with the world. An idea is presented at the start that the point is “getting through the class,” but I don’t feel like the story keeps to this crisis. Maybe if you view it as a mystery, and discovering the culprit is the resolution, then it sort of works–though, the start doesn’t really set this up. Maybe I’m just being picky.


Miss Wendalfinch just has to get through one last class, and then she will be safe again. She is afraid she will float away to the moon, but a dandelion appears to give her guidance.

Source: In Times of War, Mind the Dandelions and the Moon


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