Fiction Vortex Contest Winner!



My pilot story “The Last Guardian” was picked as the Grand Winner in Fiction Vortex’s 2016/2017 Winter StoryVerse contest! In addition to a nice prize, I will now be brought on to the FV team to pen the serial set in their Of Metal and Magic StoryVerse!

This is a great opportunity for me to get into a regular writing routine. I really like what Fiction Vortex is planning to do as a one-stop shop for serial fiction. As opposed to many writers and bloggers who simply post chunks of incomplete content in a continual project, FV releases episodic content, meaning complete stories than have a ongoing plot-line. Like TV shows, basically. I find it to be a very novel idea, and I am proud to be a part of the new venture. Additionally, the will be putting out an app for subscribers. It all just seems like a great way to get into the modern market which demands regular streams of content.

I hope you will all join me when my first official episode drops in the near future. I think “The Last Guardian”  has a great concept at its core and is filled with great characters (of course I do). I am looking forward to returning to it. I will post again when I have further details.


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