REBLOG: Steampunk Origin Stories of Common Activities Volume 1: Ants

This is a nice little piece by Shawn Cowling. Maybe not a full story, but it has a quirky character and a humorous twist that is easy to relate to.

This story is interesting to me because of its point-of-view. I just had a story rejected because the reviewer thought it had the wrong POV, meaning it was written from the wrong character’s eyes (Interestingly, it was the same publication that harped on me for using -ly adjectives). The story I sent them was mostly about another character, with the main character being more of a witness than an active participant in the events. Contrary to the reviewer’s comments, this is a perfectly fine way to structure a story!

Shawn’s story is the similar in that the character Wendy is merely witnessing the actions of the crazy scientist (though the POV seems to shift around). The story, and especially the humor, would simply not work told from the scientists limited POV, despite the fact that he is the one doing all the action. We need that sense of childish awe. I would argue that it would be even better written from Wendy’s limited POV exclusively.

You have to wonder how editors get some of these silly notions.

Shawn Writes Stuff

“Dr. Naik,” shouted little Wendy Tanah, a hyper-inquisitive child who had a knack for showing up in places she wished had not ventured.

“Curious one, Ms. Tanah,” Dr. Naik called down from his ever higher hot-air balloon.  “What can I aide you with this day?”  The doctor enjoyed the children of his quaint village and their natural sense of wonder.  Their excitement and interest in his experiments enhanced the joy of his pursuit of science.

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