SHARE: FFM- Phildickian Seconds, Stolen or Deferred

This story had me hooked in the beginning. One of the scariest, tensest pieces that I have read in while. Not because it is hard horror–quite the opposite–because it is real and believable.

Then it stops being what it is and slows down drastically. The first half and the second half seem to be different stories. It feels a bit dishonest. When the first details about his father appear in the middle, they are slow and muddled, and they feel unnecessary. It really had me scratching my head until the end when tone shifts dramatically and those details become meaningful. It strikes me as a problem with the prose that those details do not feel meaningful when the appear.

Conceptually, I love the story and details here, though. They more than make it worth the short read.


A who feels like he is in a Phillip K. Dick short story awakes to find out he has been arrested by a policeman…who is actually his therapist.

Source: Phildickian Seconds, Stolen or Deferred


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