“Ash Falls” Launching on Fiction Vortex


DISCLAIMER: As a new member of the Fiction Vortex team, I am perhaps a bit self-interested in their success, though I do not get paid for other authors’ success.

DISCLAIMER TO THE DISCLAIMER: I am genuinely excited about what FV is trying to do with episodic fiction. I also have met (online) and talked with their authors and they all strike me as crazy and creative people.

A new StoryVerse from Fiction Vortex is set to release soon and I must admit I am a bit excited. To explain it promptly, a StoryVerse is a shared story universe that has multiple authors cooperating and writing multiple series within it. The StoryVerse I will be writing for in the coming months is called Of Metal and Magic, and it is a typical sword & sorcery type fantasy world.

Ash Falls is the name of the StoryVerse releasing at the end of this month and it seems to be a Lovecraftian, eldritch-horror and mystery type setting. If that alone doesn’t hook your interest, you should check your vital-signs.

For the details of the different series that will launch within Ash Falls, I suggest visiting the blog of Jeremy Schofield, one of the Ash Falls writers. You can find his post HERE. Jeremy is also sponsoring a contest/giveaway for Fiction Vortex credits to get you free access to the Ash Falls launch episodes!

I have not read any of the Ash Falls stuff, but I am excited to get the chance. I hope you are too!

Ash Falls has a free pilot episode (which I believe is written by Jeremy Schofield). It can be found HERE


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