My Story on “Playing with Words”

Colleague and fellow blogger Kavita Chavda has set up a new website called Playing With Words that uses contributor content. It has a very minimalistic setup, which seems nice in an age of media and imagery overload.

Anyways, I wrote a story for her based in my Valley of Magic mythology, which I think turned out pretty fine. Though we have no contractual agreement, I want to give her some time of exclusivity with the piece. She also chose a nice cover photo for the story, which is something I usually don’t do.

So if you want to read my story “Aiyel, Daughter of the Sea” which is related to the Sorun mythology and also a tie-in to my upcoming book, head over to the site and give it a read. And maybe send her something to share while you’re at it…


 *Other related stories on this blog:  Glacial Rage,  The Light of Tumin


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