REBLOG: The Protagonist

Here is another sarcastic and funny piece from Flash365. Again, the author manages to get present tense to work for me, which is near-miraculous in itself. I love the attitude of the narrator. I have met people like that, grumpy bastards. My only concern is that it doesn’t feel like a full story. What’s the crisis and resolution? Is the problem having to deal with the new guy and is that resolved by the narrator simply walking away? Is that a resolution? Flash365 often writes unconventional pieces that are hard to classify. Maybe that’s part of the appeal. It is definitely to this author’s credit that they can break down my conventional writing barriers so easily.

Flash 365

Getting to work and finding you have a new trainee is like waking up to find some new pain in your toe, getting in your car and realizing a tire has gone flat, or going for leftover a hamburger only to find someone has eaten it.

Essentially, it ruins your damn day.

“Too bad,” Jim says.

“I’m Tony!” Tony says, eagerly.

“George,” I mutter.

“Coolio.” Tony says.

A back-ache, two flat tires; someone only left the soggy lettuce in the moist Styrofoam container.

I sigh. I walk to the security desk. I motion for Tony to go get his credentials checked. Tony does. He chirps away at Brandon. Brandon rolls his eyes at me but, lets him through.

In the elevator down Tony tells me all about his morning for exactly three seconds.

“So, today I decided to go—“

“Shut up.”

He pouts the rest of the way down.

“What do…

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