Give the People What They Want – 3LineTales

Photo by Edwin Undrade

The crowd roared, chanting a chorus of indecipherable mumbles. They pushed forward, reaching out to touch the moisture and static which was building on the platform ahead. They stood by, unsaited, waiting for the blade to drop on the defiant sacrifice.

*written as a response to the Three Line Tales week 55 photo prompt.


15 thoughts on “Give the People What They Want – 3LineTales

      1. JM! You made me laugh in the midst of all the blood and gore – that is so true – they did give such reverence to their torture – recall the blood eagle? Your words had no blood or other body fluids from openings and such but it did give the sense of wanting it all spill out! thats why I like your 3LT’s not saying much but telling all!

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      2. i loved the TV series too, very much actually and of course the character type casting helped, but I have been fascinated by their ruthlessness for a long time. Built a culture on violence but strange code of honour.

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      3. I took a masters class on samurai history and it was really interesting reading how difficult it was for the Tokugawa government to rein in and/or direct what was in good part a culture of violence. Later Japan was a lot less violent than portrayed in films. A samurai who cut down another samurai for a slight of honor risked being sentenced to death himself. It was a very hard changed for them to make, there were so many conflicting rules and impulses.

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      4. Masters class WOW! I am drawn to the code of the warriors, reading about the samurai too but really just very basic stuff, just always in awe that honour, integrity and also the exact brutality in dealing with issues – like its only black or white never grey, never a chance to reason. I read a book before but forget the precise words but there was a period where Japan actually tried to create a softer image among its military ranks even, it was part of a love story so not sure of its accuracy.

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      5. But in the end that is all generalizations. Not all samurai were honorable, not all were warriors even. It eventually became more class than concept. Vikings were probably more warrioristic than the samurai, but even so not all vikings followed the same moral code.

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      6. Too true – but they had to be I guess living in times when you could get killed in your sleep or even for crossing the wrong people, warrior or not people are just people each one with their own moral compass and some do get their bearings wrong. still their stories are lovely to read and inspire the next generation to be better than their ancestors were while maybe trying to preserve the code with its original intent.

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    1. I think if you stay true to the rules, 3LineTales is a better challenge than most be cause it limits you by line rather than word. So it forces you to play with sentence structure, to make you lines longer or deeper without then becoming unweildy. Give it a try.

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