Why living in the world of Star Trek would be horrible

I’m watching an episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I had a thought. With literally anything possible, and countless phenomena already experienced and recorded, how does any one maintain any sort of a sense of doubt? I shall explain with a couple vignettes.

1) Deja Vu

“Dude, I totally feel like I’ve been here before.”

“Of course you do, it’s the mall, brah.”

“No, man, I mean like right here, in this exact time, with you, doing this stuff…”

“Oh? You’re probably just trapped in a temporal loop. Just go with it.”

2) Criminal Justice

“Your Honor, I swear I never meant to kill her. It wasn’t me. My body must have been taken over by an alien intelligence.”

“Given that sentient, aphysical, energy-based lifeforms are real and have been reported to take over people on a whim and do dastardly things, I see no way here to overcome the burden of reasonable doubt. You are free to go.”

How is it that these characters are always so doubtful at first? I mean, how is it that these characters don’t just believe the first thing that comes out of your mouth?

“Captain, I am actually travelling backwards through time.”

“Oh, that’s cool. What’s the future like? Did you catch the lottery numbers?”

And how are they not super-paranoid about everything?

“You coughed three times more today than average! We need to scan you for alien infection! Security, escort this invader to sickbay.”

I hope I didn’t just permanently destroy my sense of disbelief. Any other examples come to mind?


3 thoughts on “Why living in the world of Star Trek would be horrible

  1. Maybe that’s why Kirk just punches everyone in the face at first contact? He’s not a jerk. He’s the only one who gets that nothing will ever make sense again because anything is possible. Everyone else is just holding on to this last bit of pre-warp idea of limitations. So he just gave in to the paranoia and punches and never asks questions, because the answers to those questions are completely meaningless.

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