SHARE: Monstrous Regiment

Here’s one more post for the moment, with a few more links to check out.

As I have mentioned countless times before, I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan. Perhaps my current favorite work of his is a Discworld novel entitled Monstrous Regiment. Like many of Pratchett’s work, this book deals in social commentary–it is the perfect setting for social commentary because watching these issues play out in the craziness of the Discworld only seems to highlight their foolishness in the real world. This book deals a lot with women’s issues and gender equality, and does it very well I think. The best part of the novel, as with all of Pratchett’s work, is the character development. Monstrous Regiment has some of the best characters in any of the books, despite them appearing in only one volume. These characters aren’t just women, they are people.

Some people are turned off, claiming the book is too preachy. I don’t really see how this book is any more preachy than Small Gods, or The Truth, or Jingo, or Thud! or countless others. I guess these people just have an easier time dissing religion or politics than they do patriarchy. I, myself, like my Pratchett to be a little preachy.

If you haven’t read the book, here are two links that provide a good summary and review (which should convince you to go out and read it):

Monstrous Regiment: the finest Discworld novel?

SFReviews.Net Review of Monstrous Regiment


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