Things are finally rolling!

I woke up this morning to another acceptance letter! That makes ten acceptances now, if you ignore the Fiction Vortex contest and hiring (they can be found on my Published Works page). I have a couple more stories in the final round of judging or otherwise looking very good, so this number is likely to jump some more in the near future. None of it has paid much yet, but I do now have a lot of stuff to put in my CV and query letters in the future.

Right now I only have two publications available, but starting at the end of the this month, a bunch of flash stories will be trickling out at various places. Some were originally posted here on my blog, though they have been revised and tuned for external publication. Others are brand new. I hope you check them out. Of course, I will post links once they drop.

Additionally, I have just finished the final draft of the manuscript for In the Valley of Magic, my first fantasy novel. I now will send the MS to my editor for a final proofing and a bit of detailed work on the two short chapters I added. Then I will do the final formatting and I will have something to send to agents. I just got my copy of Writer’s Market for Novels 2017, so I will start looking for possible agents in the coming weeks. Needless to say, I am very excited!

I will be AFK for a couple weeks due to a business trip, but when I come back I will have a couple projects waiting for me. I have a novella project I will be starting and also my serial on Fiction Vortex that will be dropping around May. I am really excited about what FV is planning to do with their releases and exclusive app. There are so many great ideas floating around at the company right now!

I also have to fix up my series of Storm Hamilton short stories. I got some feedback on one that showed some plot holes and problems with the mystery format. The comments were really helpful. I am new to the mystery/crime genre, so this feedback will help me fix these stories. I am currently in love with Storm Hamilton and hope good things to happen with him.

This might be my last post for a couple weeks. Just wanted to provide a news update. Also didn’t want anyone to think I died or something.

I hope things are going well for all my fellow authors out there. Don’t give up!


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