SHARE: Melee

Here is another interest flash story, this one by Martin Hooijmans. The story is direct, quick and full of action. It also has enough sci-fi babble to satisfy the geek in me, though it doesn’t really have any real scientific thread–it’s all just babble. My only concern with the story is the setup. As a veteran and a historian, I find it dubious that one, concepts of honor could shift so quickly and dramatically, and two, that line soldiers would even care. War has never been honorable, despite the pretentions of the political elites. I like the idea that these fighters are forced to shift their tactics to something more direct and visceral. I would have used a technical excuse to set that up, though, such as running out of ammo or the enemy having a new defense technology. In flash fiction, these little details become critical.

By the way, I also had a story accepted by The Story Shack this week. It will be released in the coming months. The fun thing about this release is that I get to work with an illustrator to create a cover image for it. I am pretty excited about that.


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Vaccius looked at the blade in his hand, a look of disgust upon his face. “This is what we fight with now?”

Commander Perus walked among his men. “Orders from higher up. Ranged warfare is now considered unhonorable. We are to stare our opponents in the eye.”…READ MORE


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