SHARE: Strange Invader

So I managed to find a usable computer out here. I guess I might as well post a few things that have caught  my attention. Here is a story by Charles C. Cole on Bewildering Stories about a strange creature. I love stories about monsters and creatures. I loved nature and animals when I was a child. I had planed as a youth to be a marine biologist–no ide where I got that idea. I still love watching and learning about nature, so stories that center on mysterious creatures are right up my alley.

I should note that I just had a story accepted by Bewildering Stories that should see publication in a couple months. Obviously, I am excited about that.

The story linked below by Cole is quirky and fun. It is not the best writing technically, but it has life and spirit. If it were me, I would probably have chopped off the last third of the text, ending at “I’m ready to move now.” I don’t think the last bit of detail is necessary to resolve the crisis, and it is not exciting, which causes the story to drag a bit at that point. Let me know if you agree.

Strange Invader

by Charles C. Cole

Burt Hillyard’s place sat at the far corner of a secluded, gated community, tucked at the end of a small cul-de-sac. While few windows faced the street, the place had a wide redwood deck out back with a breathtaking wall of glass that looked upon nature in all its glory…READ MORE


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