Weekly Wrap Up – might be radio silent for a bit…

Just a reminder to check out my two flash stories that were released last week:

Memories of the South

No Longer a Pup

I will have one more story dropping this week, and another next week. Tomorrow, one of my Iric stories will be released on The Flash Fiction Press. Even better, another story will be published on Empyreome Magazine on the 14th. That one is a previously unpublished work, unavailable anywhere else!

Except for the publishing news, this blog is going to remain rather quiet for a while. I need to take a pause from the blog for a bit to take care of some external writing things.

First, I just got the final proof of my book manuscript back from my editor, so now I need to look it over one last time and start querying agents. I have my copy of Writer’s Market on my kitchen table with a bunch of agents tabbed. I just need to draft the query letter. I am feeling a bit intimidated about that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I will begin working on my fantasy series for Fiction Vortex. We are anticipating a May release for the Of Metal and Magic StoryVerse with three or four authors writing series in the same fantasy setting. The collaborative world-building we have been doing has been awesome. We have some really cool ideas to put to paper. My series is tentatively entitled “The Last Guardian” and features magic and dragons and all that sweet fantasy jazz!

I am also working on a novella. I’m not ready to provide details on this new project yet, besides mentioning it is a fantasy retelling of a classic fairy tale. I actually have a publishing contract for that one with a 6-month deadline. That seems like a long time, but those deadline creep up on you fast.

With all this going on (and more real-world work as well–YUK!), I think you can understand why I will not be posting as much as usual. Hopefully I can get an Iric story out every once and a while. I am thinking of combining all the “Adventure of Iric” stories into an anthology and self-publishing it. But that’s something for a time when I am less busy.

Well, that’s all the news for now. I hope all your writing endeavors are materializing. Wish me luck with my agent queries! That is the part that’s killing me the most!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – might be radio silent for a bit…

    1. I will surely try. Too many things to keep track of. I just started working on the query letters for my book. I’m hoping to land a good agent and score a traditional book deal, but I’m well aware how hard that is. So stress and nervousness and all that stuff…

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      1. David K

        I’m sure you’ll do well whichever route you will follow. You’re a source of inspiration as always. I keep thinking I really should start taking this whole business a bit more seriously too.

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      2. Well, since I am trying to make a career out of it, I don’t have much choice. It’s been a much slower start than I expected. Not sure if I will ever get to the point where I don’t need to take extra side jobs, but that’s the dream.

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