A New Story, Exclusively on Empyreome

I’ve recently had a new story released this week on Empyreome Magazine. This story has not been published anywhere else, not even on this blog, so it is a bit exciting for me.

The story is related to a blog story I wrote a while ago entitled “Green or Red?” set in my Valley of Magic fantasy world. That story follows the character Faline, a wizard novice who is confronted with a critical choice of how to use her magic. Faline is a character I have come to love for her weird blend of down-to-earth experience and magical naivete. She is always getting into trouble.

Along the lines of the first story, the new story “Dead of Alive?” also finds Faline in a jam related to the complicated nature of magic. Unlike the first story, which was written for the WordPress daily prompt, “Dead or Alive?” was written for a publisher’s prompt but rejected by the original target…or at least I think it was. It’s been a while.

Both of these stories have allowed me to experiment with and develop how magic works in this fantasy world. It has been a great help as I find I do more world-building when I write than when I plan. Things seem to just come together when there is actually a character interacting with the world mechanics.

I expect to write more with Faline in the future, once other things die down a bit. Who knows, maybe someday she can have her own book!



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