Senpai noticed me!

by Ajin Arts

I have been gaining a few followers to this blog lately, to which I am left deeply grateful and humbled. It is very encouraging to know that people like to read my stuff or appreciate the things I share.

A while back I was raving about another fantasy blog writer that I was hooked on. Her name is Esther Davis and she publishes short stories on her blog. One of the reasons I like her writing is because it is very clean and classic fantasy, not unlike the stuff I try to write myself. I actually find myself drawn to her work more than that of most big-name writers I come across. Much of that is due to how easy the prose is to read and how easy the stories draw you in. Her creativity and uncanny ability at world-building in such short spaces certainly doesn’t hurt. I have also been fixated on short fiction for a while now.

I must admit, I am a bit of a fanboy for this author. I think I have shared two or three of her stories on this blog. So color me surprised when I woke up to find a new reader has followed my blog: Esther Davis! Better than a personal letter from Stephen King (well, maybe not that significant…but close!).

If you like the sort of thing I write–clean, efficient, character-driven prose–you should check out her stuff. I would suggest starting with her story Summoners, still one of my favorites.

Thanks to everyone for following my work, and extra shout-outs to those who have commented, critiqued or encouraged my writing.



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