Fastest Rejection in History!

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Here’s one for the record books: 1 hour, 6 minutes. That’s the fastest rejection I’ve received for any piece of writing, ever. That’s kind of special, in its own depressing sort of way.

This is one of three rejections I’ve received from agents for my book so far. The others took much longer to get back to me. I can’t believe my query letter was that bad…not that bad. I feel like I might have caught somebody on a really bad day, someone who was told off by somebody else and was just itching to press the red button.

My id is urging me to compensate for the loss by firing off queries to a bunch more agents. But my logical mind tells me that would not be the right response. I have read in several places that you shouldn’t query too many agents at one time. You need to allow time to receive responses and feedback. If they all come back as rejections, maybe your basic query letter is just not working. Maybe you need to rewrite, or rework your approach.  My manuscript is currently with nine other agents, which I think is a good number for now.

I’ve just got to be patient. But man, waiting sucks!!!


4 thoughts on “Fastest Rejection in History!

  1. 😞 I feel for you. Keep on keeping on and don’t give up. It doesn’t matter how many rejections there are before a yes. Who knows maybe there were in a bad mood? Or maybe they had a similar genre on their books at that time. Don’t let life get you down, you can do it 🙂

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    1. Thanks. I’m not discouraged. I just though it interesting. I know the concept of my book is going to be off-putting for a lot of traditionalists. Just got to find the guy with an eye for new approaches.

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