Share: Weapons Policy

Here’s an interesting sci-fi story that seems to suggest that being a war reenactor can teach you how to fight for real. The author writes some good action, and the ending has a humorous and righteous feel to it. Not much else to say about the story, other than go give it a read.

Regarding the Flash Fiction Press, though, the admin need to do something about the same two hoity-toity, full-of-themselves guys that complain about every piece that gets published there besides their own amateur work. It really makes for a toxic writing environment.

Weapons Policy

by Laura Thurston

If his boss knew Roy had a weapon in his locker, he’d lose his job. No choice, though. Midshift in the space station docking bay gave him no time to get to his quarters and make it to the Urgath Sector before the final meeting of his re-enactment club. Tomorrow began the re-enactment of the Battle of Thegratcha…READ MORE


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