Surprise! New Story Dropping on Monday.

Along with sad rejection news, I just got another surprising email. My story “The Might of a Shaman,” which was accepted by Bewildering Stories, will be published next week! I wasn’t expecting this to happen until later this year, so color me excited.

Here’s the blurb that will be on their issue contents page:

“The spirits may stir a shaman’s blood, but they can’t wield her weapons.”

Isn’t that awesome? Probably because I didn’t write it.

I just read over the proof for the story, and I have to say, it’s much better than I remember. A part of me doesn’t want to believe I wrote it. But whatever, it’s in my name!

During the revision process, I linked this story to one that will be published in a Bards and Sages anthology. It seems I have a new fantasy-ish story world to write in now. I will probably write few more to publish with Bewildering Stories, since they like to publish the same authors repeatedly, and enjoy series. Though, I don’t plan to make a series of it, just a shared universe.

Anyways, I will make another post once the story is live with a link, so keep an eye out.


5 thoughts on “Surprise! New Story Dropping on Monday.

    1. Had the same sense when I went through the final proof of my book, after three long revisions and a month away with the editor. I was expecting garbage, it was the first thing I had started writing since getting back into the craft after a long absence. But there were lots of lines to which my reaction was “Wow, this is really good. How’s this get in here?” 😀

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