SHARE: DSF-Uncle Glen’s Airship

Here’s an interesting character story with some steampunky trappings. I don’t really feel like the real-world references fit the setting. Things like WWII and Black Friday would likely be forgotten about in a future where airships are common. And I don’t think it adds anything to the story. The story is a bit long as is, in need of some trimming. Those references would be the first things I cut. But regardless, the author does a great job of generating an attachment between reader and character, and offers a great emotional twist at the end. I almost feel like the last scene is unnecessary, just leave us hanging after the emotional punch. It almost sours the whole deal knowing the life path she ultimately chooses.

Oh, and for some reason I just love the term “whale-huge”–yay hyphens!

Anyways, head over and give the author some rockets!

Source: Daily Science Fiction :: Uncle Glen’s Airship by JT Gill


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