My Adventures in Publishing, Cont.


I’ve thrown together another tracker for my book submissions. Thus far I have received rejections from five agents. This, of course, does not include the agents and agencies that simply do not reply when they reject. Not even a form rejection letter. There’s a few more on my list that are past that threshold and are as good as rejected. It makes it doubly hard to keep moving forward when you cannot track where you have been accurately. I wish they would just implement an auto-reject button in this email system so at least authors can get a reply.

I have been getting very discouraged by this as of late. Until yesterday, when I received two letters from agents with some constructive feedback. They both told me my query letter was strong, but that my concept did not fit their needs. In the end the rejection was due to a clash of interests, not that my letter or concept was inherently bad. I have been fussing about whether my query letters were decent for the past two months I’ve been sending them. It’s hard to know if your letter is even getting through the door when no one offers you any comments.

So I know my query letters are being read, the problem seems to be that my concept is too unique and novel for most agents to handle. Agents seem to want things comfortable and conventional. This is the opposite from what I have grown to believe. I always thought novelty and innovation would be widely sought-after and praised. It seems that most agents are unwilling to take the risk on a new concept.

I created my book with a unique structure under this understanding, that it would appeal to agents and publishers more than a conventional novel. Its seems that this is not the case. Perhaps I should have started with a conventional book. But, it is what it is, and manuscript I have is the one I have.

Both agents that gave me feedback on my query letter encouraged my to just keep trying until I find someone who appreciates the project as much as I do. That’s what I intend to do. Knowing my queries letters are decent, I might starting sending out queries faster than I had originally planned.



9 thoughts on “My Adventures in Publishing, Cont.

  1. Writing the book you wanted to write, is the right book, in my opinion. You’ve reached a tremendous milestone that I can only dream about at the moment. I hope you congratulated yourself for it. Good luck.

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