Writing Lessons Learned – Don’t Kick the Habit

I’ve learned a lot about writing in the past several months. I’m the kind of person that learns things best by doing rather than being taught or told how something is. I’ve been doing this thing seriously for less than a year, but I’ve already picked up a lot of useful skills and ideas about the profession.

One thing that is becoming very clear to me these days is the importance of habits. More importantly is maintaining those habits once you’ve established them.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, life and work have taken me away from my writing routine. Though, I had not expected it to affect me as much as it has. I am struggling to just complete basic writing goals and quotas.

Before I left home, I was writing 2000+ words a day, most days of the week. I was also spitting out at least one new story a week. During my first two weeks at the new job, I didn’t write anything new. I did a few submissions and sent couple queries to book agents, but that was about it.

I’ve also been struggling to get back into my fantasy series for Fiction Vortex. I just haven’t been able to recover the spark that I had when I started the work. This isn’t because the story is uninteresting, but due to the stress and drain of my other job.

I’ve had to force myself to write something. During the past three days, I managed to write more than 1000 words each day. But it was a struggle. I feel like my writing is not as good when I don’t have a muse driving me on. My forced work feels like just that, forced.

But the thing I noticed today was that the more I fell back into a writing routine, the more interested and passionate I became about my writing. Today was the third day of afternoon writing and I felt much better about the work today than even yesterday. I had ideas in my head and I was able to write out the scene I was working on quickly. I felt a tinge of inspiration, not as deep as I used to feel, but it’s there and growing.

So the point is, don’t break your writing habits. No matter what life throws at you, try to keep to your writing goals, or at least finish some writing regularly. It is much easier to fall out of your habits than it is to get back into them.



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