Publishing Updates

I recently received another acceptance from The Centropic Oracle! They did such a great job with my story A Brief Glimpse of Everything, that I am excited to see what they do with the next one. This one is a revision of a story called Old Bones that was originally posted on this blog. Of course, I will post an update when the audio story is released.

On to other things…


Look at that! 114 rejections! You would think that should hurt, but it doesn’t. I’ve quickly grown a thick skin over the past year.

It’s also not as bad as it first seems, when you consider I have some 50 stories out in circulation. So this rejection number is only slightly more than an average of 2 per story. Not to shabby, I would think. In Magic: the Gathering lingo we would call this strategy “going wide.”

Just got to keep truckin’!


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