No Such Thing as Too Many – 3LineTales Week 69

Tommi dashed up the blue-carpeted stairs, only looking back once to make sure the robbers were following close behind. With a pull of a rope, a thousand tiny yellow caltrops scattered across the floor, catching the barefoot thieves by complete surprise; one fell over, both howled in pain. And to think, just this morning his mother …

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REBLOG: Post of the week – A voice in the water

Thank you, David, for your great reading of my story!

For those of you who don’t know, David Snape is a blogger who has does a regular guest writing spot. Last week he posted my story A Voice in the Water. Yesterday, he chose it for his guest post of the week, and read the story out loud in a video. He did a great job on the reading, too. And I am quite surprised how well the story fit being spoken aloud. Maybe I need to start reading my stories here on this blog.

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Congratulations to J.M Williams for this weeks post of the week ‘A Voice in the water’. Sit back, listen and enjoy, well worth the post of the week.

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