Smashing the Hive – a short story

This is the conclusion of the Jasper Smith plot. Previous entries can be found here: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3 “Give it to me straight. I won’t hold it against you if you don’t want to join me on this.” Storm watched the thin eyes of his partner as they surveyed the old warehouse across the neglected avenue. …

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The Inside Man Comes Out (a short story)

This story is a continuation of the plot started HERE. "Look, I don't mean to criticize, but..." "Of course you do," Storm interrupted his partner. "The only reason anyone starts a sentence with 'I don't mean to criticize' is to soften the sting of the critique." Storm Hamilton threw his old brown fedora expertly onto …

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Old Voices, New Scenes (a short story)

This story is a pseudo-sequel to a story that I am peddling for publication, along with two other longer works in this setting. The prequel to this one is currently awaiting review (and probably rejection) at Strange Horizons. That story examines the Angel Cult in more detail. The story below is more an examination of the …

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Old Bones – FFfAW (07 February)

The flag slapped against the wind. Liam was shocked to see it in one piece, in the same place he had tucked it many decades ago. This corner of Nebraska was a rare spot in Old America left untouched by the war--during which North America had taken the brunt of the world's anger and frustration. Liam wasn't sure how he had ended up …

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Signs of a Past Life – 3LineTales

Storm Hamilton paced around the large dining room of the old country manor; he rarely came this far out of New London, but today the policework demanded it. The room was grandly decorated with sterling silverware and expensive china plates covered in dust, a finely embroidered and mold-stained table cloth, and decorative vases which held long rotted flowers--a …

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Some Things You Can’t Let Go – A Short Story

It was a new hat. A bowler. “I learned it is customary to give a gift when someone visits your home.” Detective Drake’s wife tried to smile cordially as she presented the offering, but she struggled with the expression as much as her husband. She was relatively new to Earth, having only arrived little more …

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Green Food

Storm Hamilton was sick of synthetic food; nothing could beat a real, juicy burger, but they were getting harder to find. He especially hated green—anything green—which never tasted like anything more than…green. When did green become a flavor? *This is a response to Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Four

That Which is Not Displayed – A Short Story

The floor of the detectives division was a blur of movement. Human and alien officers in blue, and technicians in yellow, hurried from desk to desk speaking to the plain-clothed detectives. Storm Hamilton couldn’t remember a time when they had had so many open cases. He threw off his brown suit jacket and collapsed into …

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